Death by Poverty

Poverty is the lack of. However, in our highly commercialized world, poverty is automatically perceived as the lack of economic materials or the medium used to pay for these materials – money.

It is not the idea of being economically poor that frightens many, but the idea of not being able to have (what one desire, something money can provide): not being able to afford insurance, healthcare, take care of self and loved ones. This makes one feels worthless, and this damages egos, self worth and image.

If that is not enough, when poverty attacks, she is equipped with years off experience and strategies that can lay you and your generations dead of opportunities, empowerment and optimism; poverty makes one’s efforts hopeless.

Money does impact how you view the world. I am yet to see rich communities with turf war or crime problem. This statement is stressing you, the reader, to encircle your mind in ways of putting an economic gap between you and poverty. This gap is called wealth.

Therefore, only wealth can safe one from dying in poverty.

Also, to me, there is a difference between being rich and being wealthy, even though we use the terms simultaneously. To me wealth is resources that will last more that two generations – one child and that child’s child. . Riches, on the other hand, only last one generation – one child. For example, Bill Gates is wealthy, but Lil Uzi Vert is rich.

The ending of the previous chapter is why I believe that one should “send oneself to hell so that one’s children can go to heaven”. What do I mean? Work hard and smart to ensure that your seed – generations to come – don’t economically suffer the way you did. Take measures and make sacrifices that is in the best interest of your future.

Based on what you are doing now (what you are studying or your job)? Are you positioning yourself to make greatness of yourself and your lineage? The best way to assure wealth creation is the idea of multiple steam of income. This term is used to mean having many avenues of money coming to one’s purse.

I am in the natal stage of investing in multiple avenues to gain multiple returns. However, I am seeing some returns (and I like it). Imagine two years from now. Most of my investments are online, but I am working on creating physical businesses in my country. These are all following the principle of multiple steam of income. 

Like myself, I know many that has been born into poverty by no fault of ours. What we can control is if we die in poverty. If you are interested in understanding more about multiple steam of income and other techniques needed to economically empower self, then feel free to message me.

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