Latoya Nugent Walks Free and Reveals Flaw in the Law

Latoya Nugent is the co-founder of the advocacy group called Tambourine Army. She was recently charged with three counts of using a computer for malicious communication and for allegedly making derogatory comments about three prominent clergymen via social media.

Based on a Gleaner article on the issue entitled “Nugent Walks Free – High Threshold In Cyber Crimes Act Forces DPP To Drop Charges”, the Director of Public Prosecutor (DPP)  stated that the alleged posts made by Nugent were real, offensive and that the prosecutors could prove that they were intentional.

So, why the case did Nugent Walk free? The case was dropped because threshold of Section 9 of the Cyber Crime Act; they could prove that she use a computer to post something bad about something, but to what degree was it violating the law.

Ii end with these questions, based on this threshold: will other violation be thrown out, will the will this law be updated and what other laws have the same loopholes?


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